Jika Allah nak berikan kebahagian kepada seseorang,dia tidak boleh ditahan oleh apa2 tangan sekalipun..

Jika Allah menghalang kebahagian kepada seseorang,dia tidak boleh dihulur oleh apa2 tangan sekalipun..

Jika Allah uruskan urusan kita dan Allah tidak serahkn diri kita kepada kita,walaupun sekelip mata dunia boleh berbuat apa2, tetapi mereka tidak boleh mencabar kebesaran kerajaan Allah..

Jika Allah mengaturkn untuk kita apa yang orang sangka tewas,kita akan melihat kemenangan dari sisi Allah..

Apa yang orang rasa rugi,Allah akan berikan keuntungan yang mana jalan2 manusia tidak sangka..

TETAPI Allah boleh mewujudkan keajaibain kepada hamba2 yg Dia kehendaki :)

Monday, August 24, 2015


This has got me reminiscing about my old days.

Back then, I was really eager to study engineering for my degree, though I never score in physics and add math. Was crying while doing math exercises during add math class. Even I was an assistant of head physics facilitator, but never once I score. Ni bukan merendah diri, tapi memang tak pernah score 😂 I got that post coz a good friend of mine knew how I love physics so much, so he asked me to cope with him as head facilitator. Tak pernah rasa layak.

When I was in form1, I wrote down my dream on my hostel's pillow cover
"Mechanical engineer, Petronas, United Kingdom."

I started writing blog since June 2009. (Now I got no time for that luls)
Zikr of Mujahidatul Handasah.
It reminds me of the struggle being an engineer and His slave, striving to become a better person.
I used to put "Irmujahidah"as my nickname. Ir stands for a certified professional engineer's entitlement. Mujahidah is an arabic word for a striver, a struggler.
So childish yet so funny.

Confident level 100%.
Kalaulah dulu confident kurang sikit, tak payah laa nak hadap kepayahan ni haha.
What even worse is I choose to study engineering in Japanese. Kelakornye masyaAllah.

Belum grad jadi engineer pun lagi haih. Engineer penatnyaaa, nak jadi suri di hati je sekarang, domestic engineer ajar physics add math kt anak je. For the time being, anak kucing. Thank you for those who read this kind of waste-your-precious-second-in-life post till the end.


My kinda 'meroyan' post on LINE during final exam week last semester.

Paste it here.
For me to remember.

Very nervous waiting for the result. But of course, they never distract me for having a wonderful time with beloved ones here in Malaysia.

I'm entering the final semester of 3rd year by this October inshaaAllah. Really hope to have this momentum, getting better each day. Allahumma aslihli. More reading, more studying, more praying inshaAllah.

Pray for me thah I become a very excellent muslim engineer or any better profession that suits me under Allah's mercy and guidance. Amiin. 

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