Jika Allah nak berikan kebahagian kepada seseorang,dia tidak boleh ditahan oleh apa2 tangan sekalipun..

Jika Allah menghalang kebahagian kepada seseorang,dia tidak boleh dihulur oleh apa2 tangan sekalipun..

Jika Allah uruskan urusan kita dan Allah tidak serahkn diri kita kepada kita,walaupun sekelip mata dunia boleh berbuat apa2, tetapi mereka tidak boleh mencabar kebesaran kerajaan Allah..

Jika Allah mengaturkn untuk kita apa yang orang sangka tewas,kita akan melihat kemenangan dari sisi Allah..

Apa yang orang rasa rugi,Allah akan berikan keuntungan yang mana jalan2 manusia tidak sangka..

TETAPI Allah boleh mewujudkan keajaibain kepada hamba2 yg Dia kehendaki :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

sayangkah kita??

assalamualaikum sume..yippie!
feel like i'm gonna crying...almost!
found this video on wall of fb members..
tanx so much to the person-create this video

btw,let's spend a few minutes for this video
not just watching but...
i hope,we'll get a good lesson..
jom muhasabah jap..

Rasul kte sayang sgt sgt kt kte..
kte mcm mne??
kte ikot x sunnah2 nabi....? hmmm...
x payah ckp la psl sunnah dlu..
Perintah Allah kte ikot x?
Larangan Allah kte tglkn x?

"Tiada tuhan yg wajib disembah melainkan Allah dan Nabi Muhammad itu pesuruh Allah"

dlm sebulan bpe kali kte puase sunat?
dlm seminggu bpe kali kte bgn mlm?
dlm sehari bpe kali kte b'selawat kt rasulullah?
dlm sejam ade x t'lintas kt fikiran kte psl rasulullah?
pernah x kte p'lekehkan org yg ikot sunnah nabi?
pernah x kte rse sunnah nabi 'just a waste+ketinggalan zmn+kolot'??

peringatan nie utk diri ak gak..
ak hanyalah hamba-Nya yg hina
renug2kan+selamat b'amal!

"Hidup kita sebenarnya sebuah perjalanan. Perjalanan yang mendekati kematian"

"Orang yang cerdik ialah orang yang bermuhasabah diri dan ia beramal untuk hari-hari selepas mati........."
Hadis Riwayat At-Tarmizi

Monday, January 10, 2011

mee hailam

10hb januari 1993..
he3...beday kwn ak sorg nie..


physical :
-short..ha3..(like me)
-anak cina tp x sepet sgt (like me too..ha3)
-shoes size : 4/5 kot..(but longer than me)
-watch : fossil (da hilang)-->kiko (aku pileykan..ha3)

personalities :
-sensitive (countless how many times she cried)
-talkative (penglipur lara..even sometimes she just merepek+babbling)
-love sports (hockey+basketball..etc)
-motivated (mcm wonder laa..coz die kamcheng ngn ckg fuad..ha
-hardworking (finishs her works even though she talks much not like me...x byk ckp tp keje x siap gak,berangan je lebey)
-more discipline than me
-kuat makan!
-sporting (tp ngn org die x kenal..sori la..menjeling je)
-slalu gak ditarik nikmat kesihatan dariNya (asma,selsema,pp,stomache..) huhu~

favourite :
-love choclates (ouh,ak xske!)
-sgala jenis mee (esp mee hailam dm)
-susu (dutch lady berkotak-kotak angkut dr rumah)
-colour : red (lucky she was in red house)
-movie+drama : citer cina (alaa..yg slalu hari isnin kol 10.00 mlm kt tv3 ade..mane ak taw? sbb ari isnin after prep,supper kt dm,die dduk kt hjung meja,tglkan ak smate-mate citer cine tue.ha3)
-subjects : addmaths+bio (fasi addmath tue,even bkn fasi bio..but she's very eager to be a doc)
-novels : hlovate (esp rooftop rant+versus)

erm,tue je yg mampu ak list psl die..
it wasn't so much about her that can be listed..
coz she had been in the same class with me just for two years (f3+f5)..
f3 x rapat sgt pon ngn die..
sbb,x penah ade chance kenal btol2 ngn die..
f5 baru rapat..sbb dduk sebelah2..
mcm2 share+gosip+dissatisfaction..

-suke segalaaaa jenis mee
-love sports (hockey+basketball..etc)
-suke berangan

kisah mee hailam...
hafsah blek awal prep mlm,x tnggu ak as usual..
then,a few minutes..,she went back to the class+asked me+helped me to tidy up all the things..
why?? no one could accompany her to go to dm as she was so early..
rushed to dm,just to eat mee hailam..
kalau awal msok dm,time mee hailam,,,
mee hailam die kaw! ha3..tue yg die ckp r..
every time i eat mee hailam will remind me about her..

btw,it's not simply about her that make me thinking+writing right now..
today is her birthday! yeah..hepi beday,sis!
May Allah bless u with happiness+prosperity..
be a better person..
ukhwah fiillah abadan..amin~~

rindu mereka...
hafsah-amoi who is wearing white baju kurung~~

Sunday, January 2, 2011

jom kite jadi lebih baik!

8.oo pm..
just now,watching tv
tv9...huh? ade ape ngn tv9??
(lopek gler ko,man..)
ha3..tue la manusia..
ceyh,walhal monolog ak jer..

watched 'safiyyah'..
it's not a malay drama..
kinda a documentary for muslimah fashion la..
erm,quite interesting...
1) how to make up when going to class for student
2) latest fashion show
3) fareeda (a brand for tdung indon..ha3)
4) what's the meaning of freedom for hijab woman
erm..mcm2 lg laa..

first and foremost
i praised for their efforts to make a program like that
teaching woman especially for those who're wearing hijab to be confidence
i'm not knowledgeable and good enough to say about what i'm gonna say
but i think i have a right and responsible to do so
for those who are reading this post right now
ouh,please la..
please share this to the others..
lets us together improve ourselves for our own sake

alhamdulillah,many women in this country
have been opened their hearts by Him
to wear hijab and istiqamah to do so
but the way of wearing the hijab can be improve,i thought..

sebagaimana firmanNya..

" Dan katakanlah kpd perempuan yg b'iman,agar mereka mnjga pandngannya, dan memelihara kmaluannye, dan jgnlah menampakkan p'hiasannye (auratnye), kecuali yg biase t'lihat. Dan hendaklah mereka menutup kain kerudung ke dadanye,dan jgnlah menampakkan perhiasannye (auratnye) kecuali kpd suami mereka,atau ayah mereka atau....atau...etc..Dan jgnlah mreka menghentakkan kaki mereka agar dkitahui perhiasan yg mereka sembunyikan. Dan bertaubatlah kamu kpd Allah,wahai org2 yg b'iman agar kamu beruntung"
surah an-Nur : ayat 3

erm,,tue kan dah jelas tue..
we have to wear hijab simply not to cover our hair and neck but also the upper front part of the body (dada)...
geram tol ak tgk safiyyah td tue..
bukan ape,time slot 'fareeda' tue...
tudung2 indon yg die tnjuk tue sume cun2..
latest fashion dr fareeda tue..
mmg lawa la bg ak..
the prob is..nie laa..
nape sume pendek2???
aarrrghhh..klo labuh sket,ak mmg order tros..ceyh!
even adek ak darjah 3 pon sound,,
"ish,x ttup dada..."

aku xde la ckp ak nie baik sgt..
penah je pkai shawl..
bkn la memanjang pkai tdung bawal je
even sometimes rase serba salah gak pkai shawl
tp we have,we must,we should
cover dada tue!
ak post nie pon sbb geram...
bkn geram sbb ape..
geram nape la fashion yg cun2 ade je x ckup syarat..
i didn't mean tdung labuh x cun..
kt skola pkai je tdung labuh..cun je...ceyh,tade r
just kidding..
klo g hang out ngn kengkwn ak,,
tgk pompuan yg ley pkai bju kurung+tdung labuh
jeles gak..bkn jeles ape..
they're strong enough to wear that kind of hijab in front of the public..
once, i said to my mum..
bukan x tringin nk jd mcm tue..but..
x ckup kuat lg..
then ble??
ble ley jd kuat??

smlm g ceramah nie..
sempena thn baru..
a talk about hijrah..
hijrah nie by konteks..
hijrah dr jahat jd baik
hijrah dr baik jd lebih baik
i write this entry for others and myself too..
alangkah best+syoknye,
if we have wearing the hijab then,cover the upper part,right?
hijrah from good to be better...

i'm afraid..
afraid,i'm not strong enough to survive the challenge outside there..
after this,i have to continue my study..
even tgk tv td da geram ngn fashion2 tue
nnt x taw laa..
maybe some of you have the same feeling,right?
so,kpd sape2 yg nk bukak butik ke,plis la ckup syarat..
sure untung!
caye r ckap ak..ha3

jom,jd lebih baik!
chayok iman...
yes,Islam is the way of life,no doubt..